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I'm Selina.


As a graphic designer, photographer and copywriter I love to express myself in daring, vibrant and exciting ways. Pushing the boundaries of branding through the combination of loud colour, quirky illustrations and stylized logos. I have worked with businesses and people all over the Australia and embrace what I like to call an ‘anything but boring’ aesthetic in design and business. And with a name like "Scribblyinc" you know I work a little differently.


12 years freelancing as a graphic designer/photographer/copywriter, I LOVE working with and guiding people, businesses and brands towards utopic clarity on the who's, what's and how's of both their inner essence, values and overall objectives.  We relish in the collaborative approach to uncover and implement creative solutions to achieve business objectives - allowing the brand's authentic essence to shine!



With joyful purpose, big curiosity and creative flair we design to make a difference.  From logos to stationery, package design to billboards, magazines to social media, we can take your brand to new heights by creating visual communication pieces designed with bold creativity and marketing know-how!


We love the collaborative process and working with clients to create custom design solutions that meet their unique needs and bring them joy!

So if you’re looking to work with someone immersive who can really see and embrace all your design needs, get in touch!  

Selina Ferrais - Scribblyinc


One-part storyteller, one-part conceptual thinker, one-part activist, we write to make a difference to the reader - weaving language into a concrete narrative, with the purpose of creating rich, believable experiences.  

In terms of your brand, storytelling is what elevates good brands to great brands. As humans, we crave stories that make us feel something, giving brands tremendous opportunities to make genuine personal connections with both their community and ideal customers.  

From social media content, to magazine articles, advertising, brand language and annual reports.  Capability statements, product reviews and prospectus documents – we’d love to work with you. 

Get in touch!

Email -

Phone - 0405 284 473


Visual imagery is a powerful communication tool. We've heard it before - a picture tells a thousand words.  Curated purposeful, emotive and authentic imagery is crucial to a brand - instantly communicating thoughts, feelings, suggestions and market placement. We shoot to engage and emote - to tell your story. 


Creative design + marketing know-how = BRAND POWER! Nourishing your brand by uncovering brand drivers, developing consistent clear messaging, brand language, a strong and unique visual identity that stands you out in a crowd, is what we'll work on together! 

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