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Jobs Bundaberg


Brand Creation

Visual Identity 

Graphic Design - print

Graphic Design - digital

Custom Icon Development



Jobs Bundaberg – Developing today’s workforce to meet tomorrow’s need

The project we were engaged to collaborate on was two-fold in its focus and purpose. 

Firstly, to complete a brand refresh for Jobs Bundaberg including supporting visuals and secondly to create a spin-off brand and consolidate legacy visuals and clarify key messaging for their annual flagship event, Bundy Jobs Fair.

The Bundy Jobs Fair brings together a wide range of businesses and industries that are actively looking for employees. With everything from apprenticeships and traineeships, right through to skilled positions, you will find your job and your future at the Bundy Jobs Fair.

In both instances we were inspired to create an aspirational and kick ass cut-through unique brand identity that stood out in a cluttered employment industry market; a brand that stood for more than just a “position vacant” in this, at times maverick industry.

We used inspirational language, bold colours, real-life example images, custom created bold icons and authenticity, cutting through the BS and social media fakery to deliver real experiences for real people.

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