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Dopamine Dealers


Brand Identity

Visual Identity

Shop Fitout

Print Design

Social Media

Website Design


Espresso Bar + pretty things retailer. From creative, nourishing delicious food, to the finest tasting, ethical, sustainable coffee + joyful pretty things - we're all about giving our people the "feel-good-factor" - think of us as your Dopamine Dealers

We teamed up with Dopamine Dealers, to create a visually engaging brand identity with clear purpose.  We also delivered custom hand-drawn illustrations, created an extensive image library with brand specific photography.  From captivating signage, and stunning marketing collateral to social media content and key messaging. The result? A truly remarkable experience that shouts purpose, captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Step inside and immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of delectable treats, captivating design and delightful retail lines. We were deeply involved in art direction, orchestrating a vibrant photoshoot that captured the essence of their brand.


It was agreed that this brand would need to be different as a hybrid swimming in a sea of café’s and gift stores…., so we knew we had to bring a look and feel, that was unique, vibrant and engaging.

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